J.P. Morgan

“I’ve got some bad news, Anon. These papers say your facial hair game is bankrupt.”
Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them even look like crazy-eyed villains.
An amazing semi-biographical piece!
Stillman’s moustache was not qualified to make decision’s without consulting Morgan’s.
Department of Getting Bailed Out Since 1789
Cortelme? No, Cortelyou, pal.
John D. “Three times more wealthy than Bezos” Rockefeller.
If you want to be as strong as J.P. Morgan, you must embrace the ‘stache.
Woodrow Wilson was unanimously voted Worst Moustache of the Panic of ’07 Club.

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12 cats in a man suit. Finance and Japan. May your bags be full and your candles green.